„I had the pleasure to play several times – The Witcher RPG and The Song of Ice and Fire RPG – with Franigo. Those sessions have been entertaining and thrilling. He ist an creative DM, who can handle a wide variety of different gaming styles. His greatest strenghts are for sure his sense for timing and his storytelling skills; as he is an experienced Fantasy- and Science-fiction-author as well, his sessions run on a good dramatic level, even if they move in unexpected ways and he has to wing them.“

Peter Meuer

„I have been playing RGP for a long time and have high expectations concerning plot, characters and roleplaying. To make a long story short, Franigo has excelled in all categories: The storyline was surprising, sophisticated and I never saw coming what hit us. I really like the NPCs, that he brought to life. Apart from that I enjoyed the challenging fights. I would always play with Fanigo again, as I had a great time.“