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Warum mit mir spielen?

Mehr als 30 Jahre Erfahrung als Spieler und Spielleiter!

Hunderte von Spieler*innen, dutzende Systeme, und Kampagnen, die von einigen Sitzungen bis über zwanzig Jahre gehen. Erfahrung bei Runden für neue und erfahrene Spieler*innen.


“I have been playing RGP for a long time and have high expectations concerning plot, characters and roleplaying. To make a long story short, Franigo has excelled in all categories: The storyline was surprising, sophisticated and I never saw coming what hit us. I really like the NPCs, that he brought to life. Apart from that I enjoyed the challenging fights. I would always play with Fanigo again, as I had a great time.”

“I’ve been playing different RPGs for a while. Franigo is the right GM if you like narrative games. He lets the players develop the character themselves and within a group every character will experience moments of brilliance.
His knowledge of various rules is solid and detailed. Frangio patiently repeats rules and game mechanics should you not be able to remember them. His creativity shows in his self-written adventures. In short: It is fun to dive into adventures with him as GM.”

For several years now I’ve had the pleasure of playing RPG with Franigo as GM and exploring Middle-Earth (The One Ring). His storytelling is excellent and he really brings that world alive. He is always very prepared, has a lot of knowledge – of course – about the rules, but also about the characters and different storylines that are based there. Even when we players decide to go a different path than the one Franigo had planed for an adventure, you cannot ruffle him. He not only knows how to merge all the different threads together but also gives every player the space to develop their own characters. He creates a lot of surprising moments – making you sweat (players and their characters!). His adventures are always exciting and entertaining, because he knows the right moments for a lot of action, some quiet times or epic moments you won’t ever forget.

Zockernautin, auf StartPlaying

“Franigo is an awesome GM.
What can I say? Regardless of whether you’re playing an adventure (or even world) he has developed by himself or whether he is adapting product, you will always enjoy a depth of worldbuilding that does not rely on tedious lectures on details, but stems from the interaction with the world.
I particularly admire the pacing – Franigo nudges the plot along and makes sure that it doesn’t stagnate without losing sight of the co-creation of story. He will take up the players‘ initiatives and modify the storyline accordingly. This is true both for one-shots and the – particularly impressive – prolongued campaigns.
Finally, roleplaying with Franigo proves that athmospheric depth and easygoing/witty play do not have to contradict each other. We’ve shared many easy hours and also shared intense moments that turned into lasting memories.”

Sebastian, auf StartPlaying

I have played several times with Franigo. The games and scenarios are beautifully balanced; there is action, there is supense and there is character play. the NPCs are believeable and with everyone you have the feeling “this NPC seems to be so well thought through, I wonder for how long he will accampany us” – even if it is just the tavern maid.
I think every player in our sessions felt “special” – there was plot relating to each character, in addition to the overall story and everyone was really immersed.
Much looking forward to future games!

Franigo is a born storyteller, so his campaigns and adventures are based on an amazing plot, grabbing us as the players and keep us fascinated by the atmosphere and the story for all the sessions.
On the Crunch side he is very used to a lot of systems and he also introduced me to a lot of them, so he is open for new options how to play our games.
Overall a very cool GM! Highly recommended!

I have played with Chris for many years now in various systems/worlds (D&D, Vampire, The One Ring, Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun, Cthulhu …), and there simply is no better GM. Chris is very imaginative in his storytelling, creating thrilling adventures and epic campaigns! There is no railroading involved, the players can always bring in their ideas. Chris will always make it seem effortless to continue the story from where the players might lead (sidetrack) it. Also, he is very good in bringing everybody in and getting them involved and invested in the adventure. His pacing is excellent and there is lots of mystery, atmosphere, epic scenes as well as action – the perfect mix, really! Chris is also very good in introducing new players to roleplaying, making them feel comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend to give his GM skills a try; you will want no other afterwards!

“Chris is the exeptional Game Master you have been looking for. You will be hard pressed to find a system he is not accustomed with. Beyond him being well versed in history and geography of almost all fantasy or science fiction setting you will find his ability so span intricate story arcs of high complexity that unraveled without the players ever being pushed or spoon-fed. Be it a sense of eery deard in challenging encounters or surprising (but consistent) turnarounds .. you are going to find it here.”

“I’ve been playing RPG for almost 30 years. Christoph is hands down the best and most experienced DM I’ve ever had! The games are always engaging and intriguing, hours pass and they only feel like minutes. He has solid knowledge of the rules of oh-so many systems, his narrations are detailed and to the point and his NPCs are unique and so alive! If you are looking for a DM to start playing, look no further. Christoph is the best!”

Konstantin, auf StartPlaying

A GM that always knows where exactly in the adventure he is. No “let me quickly check” followed by 5 minutes of rusteling pages, no “Can someone tell me where we last stopped?”. Very well organized. Always helpful, even if you forgot how the blxxxy spell works for the 3rd time :) And most importantly, a very good story teller. No funny voices (which I don’t really need for the story), but immersive and precise descriptions of surroundings and actions.

plapperkfr, auf StartPlaying

“Expert GM who brings a wealth of experience to the table. Professional writer level of character development and story depth. Hire for campains to enjoy the most engaging and consistent narrative you ever had.”

“I have played with Franigo for (way too) many years. Online and at a real table. He’s my favourite GM. Calm, great storyteller, passionate about his games. He is – as they call it these days – a fan of the characters. Gives everybody their moment in the limelight. Listens to input, makes sure that everyone is having fun, can relate to the story, has some kind of connection to the NPCs. He also makes sure that no one is stealing the show.

Franigo great at pacing the story, switching between tense moments with fast play and slower exploration and dialogues. Epic moments feel epic, tragic moments feel tragic, combat ist graphic and does not at all feel like naked numbers.

What not to expect: Senseless TPKs, hack&slash fests, or games where you feel like you have to “beat” the GM to “win”.”

I have the great honor of playing for him for several years and I can only say: A really great GM! Thank you for the many wonderful evenings, pictures, experiences …

“Franigo is a fantastic GM with extensive knowledge of dnd 5E (and may other systems) and how to apply it to any event during the campaign. He keeps things moving at a solid pace and it never get boring. Franigo knows how to create a immersive and impactful game through the way he GMs. A great experience, even for complete beginners!”

Peak performance with atmospheric based game mastering. I am very happy with his style.

“I know many gamemasters, but none are as much fun as Chris. He takes great care to give the players an exclusive game experience and never leaves us in the dark for long when we have reached a dead end. With Chris, it is possible to have an epic battle in a single session that would be tough with other game masters because they are not as rule-firm or too strict. Chris knows every system he runs very well and is extremely helpful if a player has a question or is stuck on their own. No session is boring with him, there’s always a lot going on and we feel like we’ve made a lot of progress in the adventure afterwards. I don’t know anyone who has better timing than Chris when it comes to mastering, and he often beams with joy when the players fight well or do something funny.
I highly recommend Chris. That was no empty phrase: I don’t know a better game master.”

I’ve played a few different adventures with Franigo over the last years. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or a new player, his sessions are very welcoming for both.
He always comes up with great stories and narratives, and easily adapts to our characters, without making it too obvious.
I can definitely recommend embarking onto adventures with Franigo.

“Since more than six years I’m part of three of Franigos groups which take place in the worlds of Star Wars, Middle Earth and Westeros. I’m most impressed of his deep knowledge of the history and the lore of each of these worlds and of course of the rules of each game.

He’s fun and he’s fair and he deals with our ideas in a very creative and challenging way. Even with the stupid or silly ones. There’s always are great balance of nail-biting suspense, exciting fights and good laughs. I really enjoy every single session with him.”

“Amazing DM, very patient and well versed. Sessions are well planned out and really well done. Amazing experience every time.”

I played for many years in different systems with Franigo as my GM. No matter if a short adventures or an epic campaign it has been always very entertaining und exciting with a captivating story full of atmosphere, tension, some plot twists and a good laugh too.

Apart from his great storytelling Franigo has also a fine sense of how to get diverse players with different experience together and how to implement players, who haven’t played as a group before or a new player to an existing group. He manages to smoothly weave the background of the PC into his story so it feels like being part of it and also gives space for character play if wanted.

Franigo is a fantastic GM whom I can highly recommend without any hesitation.

I have the pleasure to play at Franigos table (both physical and digital) in a long running campaign. As a DM, he delivers well-paced, riveting stories, adverseries you love to hate, worlds that feel alive and consequences of your actions that matter. All the while he gives space for the personal stories of the characters. For me, he finds the perfect balance between skill challenges and battle encounters on the one hand, and roleplaying experience on the other. The mood at his table is always welcoming and kind. I encourage you to try one of his games to see for yourself!

Christian, auf StartPlaying

“Franigo is the best and most experienced GM I have ever played with. He’s a natural story-teller, he knows his stuff and creates the best possible setting for complete immersion. What I love the most: Franigo incorporates every bit of info you give him about your character into his story. This makes the whole narrative so much more personal and relatable. He keeps a perfect balance between character play and action. And if you need assistance with any aspect of the game, he’s always ready to help.”

“I had the pleasure to play several times – The Witcher RPG and The Song of Ice and Fire RPG – with Franigo. Those sessions have been entertaining and thrilling. He ist an creative DM, who can handle a wide variety of different gaming styles. His greatest strenghts are for sure his sense for timing and his storytelling skills; as he is an experienced Fantasy- and Science-fiction-author as well, his sessions run on a good dramatic level, even if they move in unexpected ways and he has to wing them.”

Peter Meuer, auf StartPlaying

Christoph is a very experienced game manager who excels through his creativity. I’ve played with him for decades using many different RPG systems in different genres. Specifically I enjoyed his world-building and his descriptions of the scenery. It is always a pleasure to play with him.

“Franigo is one of the best game masters I have ever played with! He creates a very rich environment with colorful characters. Also, I really dig that he wrote a small story after every game night which included our adventures.
I had unforgettable nights playing with the ‘Black Souza’ gang ;)”

Franigo is an excellent GM. As a relatively new player, it was great to have a GM who is adept at introducing concepts and story as well as the rules. He is always willing to listen, to incorporate your own ideas and also helps new players feeling comfortable. I had a blast playing with Franigo and learned a lot!

Franigo is a great GM, I always enjoy playing with him. Great stories, great settings, great mood! I head the honor of having him as a GM for several years now the storytelling was always top notch.

I’ve been playing with the game master Frangio for many years and I’m always thrilled how he knows how to maintain the tension and tell great stories even in long campaigns. He always finds a balanced mixture between action and guesswork. And yes, the adventures he leads are really challenging. I played AD&D and Forgotten Realms with him and was thrilled how well he knows the rules. As a player, you can sit back and concentrate on the immersion experience. I can and would recommend Frangio to everyone as a game master, regardless of whether you want to play a one shot adventure or a campaign. You will get your money’s worth.

“Chris is an amazing DM with his almost encyclopedic knowledge of game systems and background materials (especially with LOTR and GoT, where he seems to know even the obscurest details).

It is really easy to immerse yourself in the game because Chris is painting vivid descriptions of the world and surroundings, while his NPCs have distinguishable personalities and feel just like real people.

Chris is also very supportive in case you can’t remember game mechanics, have forgotten rules or what happened in the last session. There will always be a great summary at the beginning, so no one is left behind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert, Chris will make you feel part of the group and I’m sure you will have a great time. I highly recommend joining one of his games.”

“For many years I’ve been playing tabletop roleplaying games with different GMs. Franigo’s rounds are among the best. With his multifaceted and imaginative descriptions, he manages to create an atmosphere in which I love to immerse myself to escape my everyday troubles – especially during the Corona Pandemic Lockdown. Whether Star Wars, The One Ring, Ravenloft, Blades in The Dark, Legend of the Five Rings (and many more) – it’s exciting every time, funny and greatly entertaining. He knows the rules very well and also manages to handle mixed groups of beginners and veteran players in a way that all have a great time. In general, he tries to stay close to the (often self written) story but leaves enough freedom to offer the players opportunities to introduce their own ideas. Franigo ensures that everyone in the group feels like an essential part of the story who contributes to the success of the adventure. Even during mechanically intensive (i.e.: dice-roll heavy) combat, he attaches great importance to the storytelling and the fiction that is created by the dice rolls. Good roleplaying is appreciated and picked up in storylines.
My personal highlight: collaborating with Franigo at a RPG convention, where we GM’ed a two-group adventure he had written for the Call of Cthulhu system. “

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing with Franigo in long-running campaigns and shorter games. These have been, invariably, a blast and remain among my most treasured roleplaying experiences. Franigo has a knack of adapting the game to the players. If you like narrative games and playing your characters to the hilt, he’s up for it; if you are looking for a tactical challenge, he delivers as well. He can come up with world-spanning, cerebral campaigns and fast-paced plots alike. On top of that, he is very creative and a lot of fun to be around, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

“I’ve played with Franigo for several years now and it’s something special for sure. He is a natural storyteller who creates super immersive settings for his players. His plots are epic and fast-moving, full of unexpected turns, his NPCs very unique. He is also greatly responsive to each player so everyone feels included and the group can really grow together. We’ve had so much fun! Warmly recommended.”

Roll Them Bones

Würfeln, besonders bei Craps, wie in Let’s go to the casino and roll the bones tonight. Dieser umgangssprachliche Begriff wurde das erste Mal 1897 aufgeschrieben, aber der Begriff Bones bezeichnet seit mindestens dem 14. Jahrhaundert Würfel (Chaucer nutzte ihn in The Pardoner’s Tale).